2015 Window Treatments (part 2) – Michigan

Yesterday, we talked about a few window treatment options that are expected to gain interest in the year of 2015. The following are a few more that are also expected to see a rise in popularity:

Automation: As technology advances at an ever increasing rate, window treatments have been left behind. However they are starting to catch up. Automated systems make opening and closing blinds and curtains effortless for older people. These systems can be operated either by remote control or computers. Some even let you put the blinds on a timer so that they ‘know’ when to open and close.

Dual Roller Blinds: Carrying on the green theme, dual roller blinds offer improved insulation over standard roller blinds, though not so much as cellular shades. The main advantage of dual rollers is that they allow you to have a black out blind and a more conventional blind in one. Allowing you to shade the room during the day and block out light at night.

Trims: In keeping with economic worries, window treatments are likely to be simpler in 2012 without the impressive patterns that would have featured five years ago. To replace these patterns expect subtle trims and edging to allow window coverings to appear sophisticated without being extravagant.

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